The foundation for your designs

Bento Build’s Lattice System provides a solution for all of your design needs. The unique system attaches to any wall creating a clean grid to easily hang the Bento modules on. The system and modules are completely customizable, moveable and adaptive. Engineered to excel in form and function, allow the Bento Build design team to create and install your next office and home.

How it works


Struts and Ledgers

Bento Build Struts and Ledgers are the foundation of the Lattice System. The ledgers fasten directly to any leveled wall, the struts then attach tothe ledgers creating the grid for any customized module design.

Clip on Cleats

Bento Build Clip On Cleats eliminate the frustration of the French cleat system. No need for tools to install and remove the cabinets. The Clip On Cleats are available in a range of sizes and are used to hang the modules from the Lattice System. Clip On Cleats are fastened to the back of a module designed and allow the module to be hung from the slots on the face of the Struts.

Custom Modules

Work with The Bento Build Design Team to customize your kitchen, office, wall unit – any design need. The custom modules are available in a variety of sizes, finishes and styles. View past projects, gain inspiration and allow us to design your perfect space.

Past Projects

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